speed trail sant esteve race


13 Km.
Mín. 283 m.
Máx. 445 m.

Sant Esteve de Palautordera offers the Speed ​​Trail Sant Esteve Race. The town, dominated by the proud presence of the Montseny massif as a background picture, has an agricultural landscape and a Mediterranean ecosystem with several transition states. The forests of oaks and pine trees are alternated with vast open fields, and the presence of numerous water resources is remarkable: a swamp, Tordera, streams, fountains, rafts of irrigators, … The plain of Sant Esteve is also relevant (place that they occupy most of the town’s houses), the Reguissol torrent and the Vallmanya stream. The riparian forest in the gallery is still well conserved in the torrents, well visible from the plain.

The Speed ​​Trail Sant Esteve Race is a race that runs around the town of Sant Esteve de Palautordera. Leaving from the Plaça Major, we will head towards the cemetery road, to reach the Serra Llarga, where we will leave approximately 3 km, turning off along a path on the right that will take us to the Pla de les Nogueres, crossing the road from the Refugis del Montseny, until reaching the Pantà dels Regants. From this point and around the swamp, we will go to the BV-5301 road passing in front of the Castell de Fluvià. Once crossed the road we will reach the Tordera river, where we will take the path that leads to the Castell de Montclús and Santa Magdalena. Once at this point we will take the track on the right until past Can Picoli. Just after this farmhouse we turn right onto a narrow forest road until we cross the river Tordera again, arriving at Sant Esteve de Palautordera.