Carrera del margalló

13,4 Km.
Mín. 904 m.
Máx. 1707 m.

The refuge Vents del Cadí is in an idyllic spot of the Serra del Cadí, from where many routes begin. Its competitive route is ideal to know the environment, following the PR, running through a circuit with technical sections and other faster ones, to return to the refuge where recover from the effort with a good snack.


  1. The best absolute time of 2018 will be flattered with one night for two people in the refuge, both male and female.
  2. And all the winners of the different categories will enter the draw for one night for two people.
  3. Also all those who participated and stayed one night or more at the refuge will enter into the draw for one night for two people.


Refugi Vents del Cadí – Cruïlla Bullidor de la Llet – Cascada dels Empedrats – Font Gran d’Escriu – Font del Faig –  Pas de la Boixassa – Coll de la Pelosa – Molnell – Adou del Bastareny – Refugi Vents del Cadí.