An official track, some small check point devices installed in the circuit, and our app. This is all you need to make your race competitive all year-round, in a verified and ‘refereed’ by humans. Without traps, with rigor and with instant rankings both at checkpoints and at the end of the route.

📲 How does it work? As an organizer, when hiring an Open Trail Races circuit we send you the devices, the installation instructions and we ask you for the official track and a brief description of the race. Once everything has been implemented, from our app the runner will be able to view the races on the map, filtering by provinces and sports, and can even search for them by their name. From each race you will find:

✅ Description of the race
✅ Altimetry profile
✅ Google Maps link to the departure point
✅ Mandatory and / or recommended material.
✅ The track to load it on the GPS watch and thus be able to follow the route comfortably, although you can also view the route on the map with an app (not recommended in the race).

Once the race is implemented, the runner will only have to select it, press START and follow the official track to appear in the official ranking. Our app allows you to do routes by stages or paid races, so it can be a sensational tool for tourist promotion and economic activation.

OPEN TRAIL RACES is an APP designed to:

  • Promote sports tourism.
  • Promote sports and local competitiveness.
  • Make people talking about your race all year round.
  • Promote good practices and respect for the ecosystem.

Cost and financing:

  • Contact us, we will surely reach an agreement easily.

Success stories:

Do you find it attractive? It will seem more so when you try the APP! And if you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us.