OPEN TRAIL RACES is an APP designed to:

  • Promote sports tourism.
  • Promote sport and local competitiveness.
  • Get your race/territory talked about all year long.
  • Promote good practices and respect for the ecosystem.

Registering a race or a route in OTR is very simple.

We will ask you:

✅ The GPX track with good definition of points (the original recorded with a GPS device) and the geolocation of the intermediate check points (if any)
✅ The logo of the race and/or the organizer.
✅ A brief description of the route (including details to take into account such as exposed sections, water points…).
✅ Confirmation that passage permits are available for the entire route or that these are not necessary due to traveling on approved roads (GR, PR, SL).
✅ Confirmation that the route will be free of vegetation while the race is active in OTR.

Once everything has been implemented, from our app, users will be able to view the races on the map, filtering by provinces and sports, and can even find them by name. From each race you will find:

✅ Race Description.
✅ Altimetry profile.
✅ GPS guidance to the starting point.
✅ Required and recommended material.
✅ The track to load it on the GPS watch and thus be able to follow the route comfortably, although you can also follow the route into OTR app.

Download HERE the form that we need you to send us by e-mail. Once received and validated, we’ll proceed to include your race.

Interesting features for organizers:

✅ Any participation can be followed live from the “LIVE” section of this website. Very useful on the day the event is held, the mass race.
✅ Open Trail Races allows you to carry out routes in stages (generating an automatic diploma when you complete all the stages)
✅ Championships can also be held (with the sum of the times of several races in a specific period of time). In addition, the races can be competed several times to improve the classification in the championship.
✅ Thanks to push notifications and the transferred emails, the organizers will be able to contact directly to the users who have completed their race.

Cost and billing:

  • A single annual payment of €50 per route. Renewals always in January.
  • Free registration.
  • Free trial period. Nothing will be invoiced until the client agrees.

Do you find it attractive? It will seem more so when you try the APP! And if you want more information do not hesitate to contact us.