The APP of the races is Open Trail Races

Creators note:

OTR – OPEN TRAIL RACES was born from the initiative of two crazy about trail running who came up with the idea of creating an APP that allows races to be competed at any time, in total freedom, and in perfect harmony with nature. During the long training sessions they give flight to their ideas and OPEN TRAIL RACES ends up appearing, the result of a great personal and collective effort at all levels.

We just want our APP to make you enjoy as much as we do.

Jesus and Joan, summer 2015.

Are you looking for races that you can do any day and time? With our app and verified routes you can do it comfortably and reliably! Download it and #CompeteWheneverYouWant

Open Trail Races is the only race timing system that autonomously generates automatic rankings as you pass each checkpoint. With OTR the races are open in 365×24 competition.

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  1. Download the OTR app and create your account.
  2. Choose a race.
  3. Download the track from the app and put it in your GPS device with which you will follow the track of the race. If you don’t know how to make it or you don’t have a GPS devie, please follow these easy steps.
  4. Keep in mind that for a correct record of your race you should not turn off Bluetooth or GPS location at any time, so, do not activate de flight mode. In addition, you must deactivate the battery saving and make that the optimisation options for battery consumption are unrestricted for this app, furthermore give the maximum permissions to location and bluetooth. This way you’ll avoid a malfunction depending on which is your mobile.
  5. At the time of participating, try to have the battery of you mobile fully charged. If you are also going to take more than 4 hours to reach the finish line, connect an external battery to your mobile.
  6. If you are going to use a route tracking / recording app simultaneously, especially open and start it first and then open and start the chrono with OTR, never the other way around.
  7. Go to the exit point where you will normally find an indicator signpost. We recommend that before going you open the race in which you are going to participate so that the data of it is loaded. It may happen that at the starting point of the race there is no coverage and you cannot start.
  8. Simultaneously record your activity with your watch or GPS device. So if for any reason your phone fails, we will have something to validate your participation. Keep this in mind if your phone is a few years old.
  9. Push the START button and only when the timer starts … run!
  10. Store your mobile, preferably in an external pocket. If you store it into your backpack together with jacket… maybe your GPS doesn’t work well and the battery has a elevated consumption of energy.
  11. Do not leave the track if you want to qualify. If you get lost at some point and have to retrace your steps, do not worry because this will not declassify you, but do not cut to fix it.
  12. The race will end once you reach the finish line (better if you stop right there) and hear or see “Finisher!” on screen. If the stopwatch does not stop automatically, press the STOP button. To scratch for a few seconds, we recommend that you reach the finish line with your mobile phone in hand and the screen unlocked. The stop button also allows you to leave the race at any time, although if you did away of the finish line, you would not be in the ranking. In that case we’ll send you an email.
  13. Once the race is over and before closing the app, open your data connection if you closed it before, and the participation data will be uploaded to our server and will be examined. We will take into account that you have not ran off the track (do not cut), that your speeds are normal, and that the distance ran is like the distance of the race. If everything is correct, you will automatically be in the ranking. Otherwise, we will contact you, perhaps asking for your cooperation, perhaps telling you the reason for your declassification. In any case we will send you an email.


If you are abroad, compete without worrying about data roaming costs because you do not need to enable mobile data connection. You only need to activate Bluetooth and the location service on your smartphone to time your race.

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Your ranking in each checkpoint. Partial times and total time with respect to the first of the general ranking and to the first of your category ranking.


The sum of the times of the different races make up a championship. You can compete as many times as you want in each race to improve your total time.

Stage races and mountain traverses work the same way. In the case of the traverses, this system replaces the traditional system of stamp or drill in each mountain hut.

When you have completed all the races or stages, you will receive in your email the certificate accrediting your participation with your race times and ranking.