The APP of the races is Open Trail Races

Open Trail Races is the unique race timing system that autonomously generates automatic classifications when passing through each check point. With OTR the races are open to competition 365 × 24.

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  1. The first step is to sign up/sign in
  2. Then get sure Bluetooth and location services are activated
  3. Choose a race and go to the start point
  4. Press the start button, wait for the timer to start counting and run!

Choose one of our mountain races open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, go to the start point and start running as soon as you hear ‘Go!’ or you see the timer starts. We will time your run and you will be able to compare yourself with other runners as you pass through each check point; OTR will tell you what check point you are passing through, for example: ‘check point one!’ and you will be able to see the time difference with the first in the general ranking and the first in your category, as well as your position in the general ranking and in your category. You will also compete with the runners who participated with a bib on the official day of the race, as you will see their times in the Open Trail Races ranking.

You will finish the race once you reach the finish point (better if you stop there) and hear or see ‘Finisher!’ on the screen. If the timer does not stop automatically, press the stop button.

The stop button also allows you to leave the race at any time, although if you do so, you will not be in the ranking.


You only need to activate Bluetooth and the location service on your smartphone to time your race.
You do not need to enable mobile data. You can compete on airplane mode if you want
OTR uses Low Energy Bluetooth, with low battery consumption.
If you are abroad, compete without worrying about data roaming costs.

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Partial times and total time with respect to the first of the general ranking and to the first of your category ranking.
Your position in each of these rankings.
Live ranking on every check point.


The sum of the times of the different races make up a championship. You can compete as many times as you want in each race to improve your total time.

Stage races and mountain traverses work the same way. In the case of the traverses, this system replaces the traditional system of stamp or drill in each mountain hut.

When you have completed all the races or stages, you will receive in your email the certificate accrediting your participation with your race times and ranking.